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Madhya Pradesh Farmers Protest-Violence Broke in Mandsaur District Demanding Loan Waiver

Farmers demanding higher minimum support prices for their produce

MP Farmers Protest

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Farmers protest that commences in Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh has now spread to almost six districts of the state. Farmers have initiated a ten-day protest demanding better prices for their production. Clashes broke down amid farmers and police in Indore, Sehore, and Bhopal leaving six police officers wounded.

Reports stated that farmers had blocked the highway with the bodies of those killed on Tuesday. Numerous vehicles were torched by the protesting farmers who pelted stones in Parshavnath region. Farmers also torched a warehouse, factory, and many vehicles in the nearby area of Sitamau in Mandsaur. Train services too were affected by the ongoing protest by farmers as trains to this route had to be canceled.

Yesterday Congress lashed out at Centre stating that they support farmers. PC Chacko alleged that ‘as long as farmers are is distress or in trouble, we will stand with them and if that is called politics then yes we are playing it.’ He added that ‘Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Mandsaur means that when farmers are in trouble, it is his duty to be there and it BJP declares that Congress is playing politics then they don’t understand the agony of farmers.’

Yesterday the death toll rose to six as one more Ghanshyam Dhakad identified died. Dhaka’s family was beaten by police throughout protests at Dalauda village on Thursday. He was taken to hospital in Indore.

Makrand Deuskar IG alleged that 231 cases had been registered linked with protests till now 109 Dewas, 28 in Mandsaur, 20 in Neemuch and Rajgarh. 191 vehicles also have been torched and more than 150 persons arrested for violence.

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Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Madhya Pradesh chief minister, declared that he would start with an indefinite fast today, till the time peace is restored in the state. He also alleged that he would be accessible at Dussehra Maidan in Bhopal for the subsequent days for meetings.

Recognizing the significance of farmers in the state’s advancement, the CM alleged that Madhya Pradesh couldn’t develop without farmers as more than 65 percent of the state population is reliant on farming. On Friday, The CM was quoted said that “More than 65 percent of our population is dependent on agriculture. The state can’t progress without farmers.”

Looking into the troubles of the farmers, the CM guaranteed the government would offer the correct and profitable price for their produce. “Our government will never insulate behind in giving farmers the right and beneficial value for their produce,” the CM alleged.


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