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UK Elections 2017 Result is Out –Indian Origin Labour Party Candidates Won More Seats than their Rival Conservatives

UK elections 2017 – Preet Kaur Gill won Birmingham Edgbaston Seat

UK Elections 2017 Result

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Counting of votes commenced around about 10.30 pm, i.e., 3 am IST. Prime Minister Theresa May’s Conservatives party not succeeded to earn a majority in the poll as assumed by exit polls. This election result was very uncertain to determine which party will negotiate the terms of Brexit.

Today Britain got its foremost female Sikh, and primary Turban Wearing MPs as Labour Party candidates won more seats than their rivals Conservatives. Preet Kaur Gill, the Labour party candidate, won Birmingham Edgbaston seat by polling 24124 votes and defending ruling Conservative party by 6917 votes.

Ms. Preet Kaur Gill alleged that ‘ I am delighted I have been given a chance to become the next MP where I was born and raised. I desire to engage with the people of Edgbaston with passion, hard work, and determination, and I think we can attain great things altogether’.

As per Sikh Federation UK alleged ‘ although it is early regarding outcomes announced to be a disastrous night for Conservatives and Theresa May given what she hoped to attain and a good night for Labour Party.’

Kuldip Sahota, second turban wearing Sikh of Labour party lost his rival by 720 votes. Also, Conservatives party’s Priti Patel has held in her stronghold of Witham in Essex with majority votes of 18646 in all. The Labour Party had selected fourteen Indians and Conservatives party 13 as their parliamentary candidates.

Sikh Federation UK alleged in a statement that ‘Credit goes to the Labour Party management for taking the bold step of giving Sikhs the chance to fight for winnable seats. Labour currently needs to turn its mind to having observable Sikh representation in the House of Lords at the foremost chance so Sikhs are better represented and can convey new thinking and ideas’.

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The ruling Conservative party is to be the only largest party in the UK general election as loads of the results and leads become apparent in the ongoing count.

The projections specify that the party remains shy of an overall majority, estimated to win approximately 322 seats, down from general election’s  2015,331 and short of the magical 326 outline for an on the whole majority in the House of Commons.


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