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Yesterday Modi initiated a Three-Day visit to Israel to Mark Twenty-Five years of Diplomatic relations amid two Nations, Pak media stressed

Modi's visit to Israel is being observed with doubt by the Pakistani media


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Yesterday PM Narendra Modi began his three-day visit to Israel and was welcomed at the Ben Gurion airport by Netanyahu who alleged in Hindi, “aapka swagat hai, mere dost” . On this Modi appreciated the unique welcome accorded to him, PM Modi spoke little words in Hebrew, starting with “Shalom means hello, I am glad to be here.”

Modi will be in Israel until 6th July ahead of travelling to Hamburg in Germany to attend the G-20 Summit. Israel is offering its guest the high-level red carpet treatment. PM Netanyahu is going beyond the usual protocol of meeting leaders on a few occasions during their trip for Modi.

Publicised to be a milestone visit by an Indian Prime Minister, Modi’s visit is projected to enhance the diplomatic ties amid the two countries. Present year, India and Israel are spoting 25 years of their diplomatic relations. Israeli ambassador Daniel Carmon alleged that PM Modi’s visit is being treated with unparalleled significance.

PM Modi alleged ahead of his departure that “I commence a historic visit to Israel, a unique partner of India’s. As the chief Indian prime minister to do so, I am significantly looking forward to this unique visit that will bring our two countries and people nearer,”. He added that “My programme throughout the visit gives me a chance to connect with a cross-section of Israeli society. I am mainly looking forward to interacting with the large, lively Indian Diaspora in Israel that represents a lasting relationship flanked by our two peoples”.

Israel has in recent years become a leading defense supplier for India. The two countries marked an air and missile defense deal worth about 2 billion dollars in April,  what Israel phrased the “prevalent defense contract deal” in its history. India’s former ambassador to Israel, Arun K. Singh, informed media that “There has been a focus on defense and countered terrorism and it is significant. This type of collaboration enhances the buoyancy that countries have with each other.”

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A foreign-policy fellow at Brookings India, Dhruva Jaishankar, alleged that “Defense has been a chief driver, but I consider this visit will be concerning broadening the relationship,”. He added that “Both sides are trying to craft enabling surroundings for a broader relationship. When India looks west, there aren’t loads of steady democracies anymore. Alike with Israel, so when it looks east, it sees a little stability in India. That creates a natural meeting of interest.”.

Mark Sofer, Deputy Director-General in-charge of the Asia and Pacific division converse regarding a common worry alleged that “Both countries face the similar challenges of terrorism and face the same thrash about. No civilised country can overcome terrorism by itself. All like-minded countries, counting India and Israel, have to construct a concerted effort.”

The Prime Minister supposed, he is looking forward to cooperating with the large, vibrant Indian Diaspora in Israel that symbolises an enduring connection amid the two countries. Throughout his visit, the two sides are projected to sign some agreements in the field of novelty, expansion, science & technology and space.

Spaced out, from boosting collaboration in the water and agriculture sectors, India and Israel will also converse ways to reinforce people-to-people contact, air connectivity and investments.

Modi’s visit also holds worth since India has conventionally downplayed associations with Israel fearing it would alienate the country’s 170 million Muslims. But Modi, a current leader facing weak political opposition at home, is boarding on the trip to Israel with little worry for domestic fallout – and is also hoping a similar visit to meet up Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah.

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On the other side Pakistani media is on the heat as Modi left for Israel yesterday morning.  Modi’s visit to Israel is being observed with doubt by the Pakistani media, with several commentators proverbing the exercise is aimed at opposing Pakistan’s military strength. Brig Ghazanfar Ali, the Security Analyst, alleged there were “similarities amid Hindu nationalism and Jewish nationalism”. The meeting of national interests amid India and Israel means Pakistan should give greater attention to the security collaboration between the two countries as this will straightforwardly influence Islamabad’s security interests.

Ali also supposed Pakistan has also to act consequently. Pakistan is sweating seriously and claiming this visit to be targeted adjacent to Pakistan. They consider the primary plan of this visit is to converse only Pakistan. They are even arguing that the whole world is afraid of the ‘so-called’ nuclear power of Pakistan. They have even advised that if anything happens, Pakistan isn’t going to remain quite.


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